Internet of Things

Internet of things is the concept of connecting any device to internet and to other connected device. Today IOT plays the most important role in market and also boosting industry 4.0. IRTI is working on IOT through research and development to welcome industry 4.0. In industry 4.0, digital and real world are connected through server/internet protocols to communicate with each other and now it is possible to control and receive data sheet of machines remotely. The data is received from the machines initially. It is then forwarded through various protocols to process it further. This data is hen represented on the dashboard and accessed through it for automation.Machine monitoring, cycle time monitoring, machine health/Cycle time/working cycles can be determined and controlled remotely with IoT. It also ensures increased productivity, parts fault finding, data management and inspection.

IRTI heads India level representation for German entity, Pickert& Partner GmbH who dedicatedly implements the comprehensive technology for zero defect production. Pickert Provides software solution for quality production

  1. Real-time Quality Management (RQM)
  2. Quality management (CAQ)
  3. Production management (MES)

Pickert and Partner helps customer to achieve a completely traceable zero-defect production that is structured so it is standardized and proceed step-by-step from error discovery to an error prevention strategy.


RQM provides an integrated overall solution for quality management (CAQ), Production management (MES), and traceability and helps you to prevent defects before they occur.

RQM is an universal, uniform solution for all quality and manufacturing task and requirements from FMEA to incoming goods, from production inspection to customer complaints, from integration with the ERP system to production scheduling, down to machine on the shop floor

RQM records and process data, statuses, events, and decisions from all areas of production in real-time. RQM controls production flows, assures quality, and steers all information to the right place at right time.

RQM relies only on standards and integrates its function efficiently and securely into existing systems.

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